Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brad, Bill and Janet are BB&J!


An Acoustic Trio in Southern Connecticut

BB&J - Brad, Bill & Janet At The All-American Valley General Store

 Bill Gibson, Brad Little and Janet Cooper are BB&J, a trio that plays an eclectic blend of folk, pop and country, in their own style. Brad and Janet play acoustic guitar and handle most of the vocals, while Bill anchors the bass and contributes the occasional vocal. Although the trio has been together for less than a year, each member has an extensive background on their instruments.

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Brad Little, originally from the Naugatuck Valley, now lives in Hamden and works in Middletown.  Performed in various coffee houses and bars in the 60s and 70s. His interest in performing was rekindled when he joined the Milford Folk Society in 2009, which is where he met Janet.
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Bill Gibson is from Ansonia, plays bass and contributes backup vocals and the occasional lead vocal. He’s been playing bass in various bands and situations since the 60s, most recently with the Sofa Kings, based in Milford.  His rock steady playing is the glue that ties the trio together.

 Janet Cooper has been deeply involved with music her entire life.  Originally from Newark, NJ, Janet began singing and playing guitar as a young teen, inspired by the likes of Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, and Peter Paul & Mary.  Playing in coffee houses to help support herself during college, she later taught Music Appreciation and led the chorus at Ansonia High School. Lately, Janet has been sharing her voice and guitar at various events at Temple Emanuel in Orange, the Milford Folk Singing Club, The Outer Space, and local cafes.  Janet views music as a gift that has helped carry her through the lows and has underscored the highs of her life.   

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